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- College-level Spanish classes


At AIA we believe that the best way to learn a language is to live and work in it:

    •  learning by experience means the language will stick with you for life
    •  total immersion means you’ll learn a native accent
    •  immersion learning is effortless — you learn just by being surrounded by native speakers
    • you’ll feel more comfortable communicating than ever before

Everybody has their own reasons for learning a language. Some learn for travel, some for fun, others for work and some for love. At AIA we customize Spanish classes to your needs and interests.

spanish lessons


We offer two different types of courses:

    • Intensive 15 hours a week, in groups of 10 students, generally in the mornings, depending on level.
    • Private classes with local professors, tailored tailored to your needs. Classes are held individually or in small groups, and are perfect for more specific fields of study, business Spanish, literature or just basic conversation.

We recommend accompanying classes with our AIA Experiences; dynamic activities that will submerge you deep in Spanish culture: cooking classes, wine tastings, flamenco dance classes and guided tours around the country!

Before each AIA Experience students will receive a dossier of activity-specific vocabulary and expressions, so as to better understand the activity.

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