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On line application

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First interview

First interview

During the next 7 days, we’ll arrange a skype interview with one of our placement managers. This will be to go over your candidacy, the application process and any questions or doubts you might have.


Your application will be evaluated based on CV, prior experience, studies and the desired internship field. If you are eligible for our program, IntAbroad will contact you with registration information.

Registration Form

After accepting your application, we’ll send you a registration form and our deposit information through PayPal. That process usually takes 2 or 3 days.

Resume Improvements

Before reaching out to host companies, our team will help you improve your CV, to highlight your best skills and experience.

Start your candidature

After polishing your resume with our CV team, we’ll begin presenting your candidacy to host companies in your field that fit your profile and interests.


The matching process can take some weeks: hiring managers at our host companies are busy, and we’re reaching out to many different companies for you. We’ll be sure to update you every week on the progress.

Working hard 4U

We’ll update you on the matching progress every 7-10 ays. We might have to ask you more about your experience and interests to make a better match. This process takes time! Keep in mind that the matching process, between receiving a finalized CV and arranging a host company interview, can take up to 4 weeks.

Matching Process

Once one of our host companies shows interest in your candidacy, we’ll contact you with information about the company, the internship role and the pay. We’ll then arrange a second interview the hiring manager at the host company and Intabroad staff.

Placement Fee

Now you’ve got all the necessary information for your internship: an internship placement with the host company of your choice, as well as information about the company, your job, etc… At this point we’ll send you payment information, in order to finalize your internship placement. Soon you’ll be in Spain!

Second Interview

We’ll introduce you to the hiring manager at the host company through Skype conference. They will explain the company, the position and the work you’ll do. You’ll have a chance to ask any questions you want about the company or position.


After the interview, the host company will confirm their interest in hiring the student. The host company wants to join the candidate. Once you confirm the internship, we’ve got a match! And don’t worry, if the host company goes with another candidate, you’ll have another chance.

Internship Contract

After interviewing with the host company and accepting your internship, we will send you your job contract. This document will need to be signed by you, the host company, IntAbroad, as well as your university, to confirm your academic qualifications.


After the agreement is signed, you can buy your flight to Spain. If necessary, we’re happy to help you find flights out here.

Visa + Insurance

We’ll help you with the visa process and finding insurance that covers you out here, if necessary. This service is included in the program fee. Don’t worry! This process is very easy, and just involves a little bit of paperwork. If you are already exited, please take a look here.


We offer two accommodations: IntAbroad is happy to help you find an apartment in Barcelona, Bilbao or Madrid that fits your budget and location preferences. You can also book housing directly though us, so you’ve got an apartment arranged here in Spain from day one. Contact us for more information.

Welcome to Spain!

Welcome to Spain! Enjoy total immersion and living abroad…work hard, and enjoy it!