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Help your child find the right career

The best way to enhance employment opportunities for your children:

Education and professional experience are the keys to a successful career for your children. In today’s increasingly globalized job market, language skills and international experience will give them a substantial leg-up in their job searches. More and more employers expect candidates to have real fluency in a language, and to be able to work with other across cultural and linguistic boundaries.

Living and working abroad also gives you something that can’t be taught in class: real-word experience adapting to life in another country, culture and language.

Immersion is also the best way to achieve real fluency in a language. Spanish is the fastest growing language in the US, and knowing it will give your children a clear advantage.

At the same time, Spain’s economy is just now coming out of a two-year recession. Business is building and companies are rapidly internationalizing. The level of English here is still relatively low. Spanish executives are eager to hire on young professionals that are native English speakers, and this demand clearly cannot be met domestically.

AIA’s mission is to help students and recent graduates develop the skills necessary to work internationally in their field. We place exceptionally promising students of all backgrounds in internships that will help them develop into successful professionals.