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The best way to enhance employment opportunities for your children:

Education and professional experience are the keys to a successful career for your children. In today’s increasingly globalized job market, language skills and international experience will give them a substantial leg-up in their job searches. More and more employers expect candidates to have real fluency in a language, and to be able to work with other across cultural and linguistic boundaries.

Living and working abroad also gives you something that can’t be taught in class: real-word experience adapting to life in another country, culture and language.

Immersion is also the best way to achieve real fluency in a language. Spanish is the fastest growing language in the US, and knowing it will give your children a clear advantage.

At the same time, Spain’s economy is just now coming out of a two-year recession. Business is building and companies are rapidly internationalizing. The level of English here is still relatively low. Spanish executives are eager to hire on young professionals that are native English speakers, and this demand clearly cannot be met domestically.

AIA’s mission is to help students and recent graduates develop the skills necessary to work internationally in their field. We place exceptionally promising students of all backgrounds in internships that will help them develop into successful professionals.

This section is addressed to parents who are interested in contracting our internship services for their children. Parents are worried about the security of their children planning to travel and work abroad.

We recommend that you get acquainted with our web site and should you have any questions, please contact us. For each one of the Programs, we have a Team Leader that is always available to answer your questions and reconcile your doubts.

Our Experience:

We deliver internships programs at the international level and recruitment services for the most well-known organizations worldwide.
The AIA Team Leaders are reputable Senior Executives with extensive experience in business and assume a Professional and Personal Role Model for the Internship Students. We give direction about their professional future and help them to have higher self confidence in facing academic challenges and professional growth.

We are parents and understand the major concerns of parents having their children traveling outside of their familiar entourage.

We can assure that this sort of experience is very important for personal, educational, and professional growth.


Whatever program that AIA develops always puts safety as a First Priority and creates a completely safe environment for the students. We use the a holistic safety approach:

Pre-Departure phase:

    • Guest Company Safety Audit
    • Candidate check about potential health issues such as food restrictions, physical requirements, allergies etc.
    • Safe Area Selection: Ensures that the internship housing is located in a secure place as well as having all the required safety and hygienic requirements

Travel phase:

    • Ensures that all the students have the required insurance coverage to travel abroad to guarantee participants have comprehensive travel, medical and baggage cover for their trip.
    • We receive the students when they arrive to the internship location and transfer them from the airport to their accommodations.

Internship development phase:

    • Safety/Behavior Standard and Rules: we ensure that all the students know all the Safety and Behavior Standards. We expect responsibility and maturity from the students to abide by them.
    • Safety Follow Up: regular visits to the students in their housing and guest companies and give support and direction.
    • 24/7 Emergency Support for all members: Daily personal assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help them with their daily questions, issues and concerns. We provide on time and efficient answers and help.
    • Local Cell Phones: We provide local cell phones so that students can always be reachable.
    • Team Support: Our Team is present in the entire development phase and offers permanent, on-time, in-full support with an office or partner organization in each destination.