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Internship: Teaching english as a second language

Title Teaching english as a second language
Categories Teaching
Internship Information

Teaching English to people whose native language is not English can be a very rewarding internship with many great benefits. You get to experience and live in a different culture, while helping others to achieve proficiency in a foreign language. You also get to develop and apply a number of key skills – communication, problem solving, people management – which are very important when looking for full-time employment. Whether you decide to choose teaching as your full-time career, or pursue a different professional path, being an English Teacher will add valuable experience to your Resume.
There is a high demand for English as a second language teachers and ‘Internships Abroad’ offers a wide range of exciting opportunities in language schools, companies and institutions.

A Teaching English as a second language internship with ‘Internships abroad’ will involve

(these will vary depending on the company and industry)

  • Planning, preparing and delivering English lessons
  • Scheduling and coordinating language classes
  • Conducting language classes and/ or one-to-one sessions
  • Reviewing learning materials and making recommendations for improvements
  • Designing new materials including tests
  • Providing feedback to language learners and developing individual learning plans
  • Keeping students’ attendance records
  • Participating in organizing social events to promote learning
Skills & Knowledge


By joining an ‘Internships Abroad’ internship, you will develop:

  • Valuable hands-on experience of planning, preparing and delivering language classes
  • Ability to adapt learning materials to suit different learning styles
  • Ability to produce new teaching materials
  • Improvement of own communication skills
  • Enhanced problem solving and organizational skills
  • Better understanding of different teaching tools
  • Teaching skills
  • Experience of living and working in a different culture


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