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Internship: Advertising Internship

Title Advertising Internship
Categories Marketing & Advertising
Paid / Unpaid €550/month
Internship Information

Marketing strategy intern

Marketing and advertising appeal to creative students with a business edge. There is a huge demand for skills in this field and the ability to adapt them to new technologies.

We aim to offer a range of marketing and advertising opportunities, which would help students to develop a set of essential skills, whether they are looking to start a business, or become part of a company.

An advertising internship with IntAbroad will involve:

(tasks will vary depending on the company and industry)

  • Working as part of a team to complete a range of tasks including planning and design of advertising and promotional material
  • Coordinating company design processes, working with external providers and clients
  • Researching different market opportunities and producing recommendations for increasing sales
  • Review of the advertising copy and editing scripts
  • Proposing innovative ideas to help the company to stay ahead of its competition
  • Presenting ideas and research findings to the team

By joining an IntAbroad internship you will develop:

  • Ability to work to tight client deadlines
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Communication skills – oral and written
  • Creative skills and the ability to come up with innovative new ideas and recommendations to meet clients’ needs
  • Understanding the principles behind running a successful advertising campaign agency
  • Working with 3rd party providers
  • Conducting market research, producing recommendation and presenting these to the team
  • Developing new advertising and marketing campaigns


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