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Local accommodations

All of AmericanInternshipsAbroad’s housing options are situated in safe neighborhoods, in or close to city centers and with easy access to public transportation. You’ve got the option to share an apartment, live on your own, live in a hostel or stay with a local family. Handicap accessible options are available.


AIA will help you find a shared apartment with other trainees, with students or with other young professionals. For those seeking total immersion, we recommend not living with English-speakers.

This is the most economical option. All apartments come fully furnished. Options include single rooms or double rooms, with or without private bathroom.




The students residences that AmericanInternshipsAbroas works with are central, welcoming and full of young people. Here you’ll have a communal kitchen and the option to sign up for a full meal plan. Room options are single or double, with or without private bathroom.



A more private option is to get an apartment on your own. We recommend sharing apartments for the advantage of linguistic immersion, but are happy to find you a studio or one-bedroom apartment as well.




*The pictures are ilustrative.