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IntAbroad places foreing students in long- and short-term internships within Spanish businesses.

We are a Spain-based team of people from both countries that recognize the value of international work experience and having fluency in more than one language. Most importantly, we also recognize how crucial the experience of living abroad can be, both personally and professionally.

We offer summer internship programs for college juniors and seniors, as well as long-term programs for recent graduates. We have internship agreements with businesses in many different fields in Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao, and work with American universities and Spanish businesses to find the best match for students.

We oversee the process from start to finish; ensuring that interns receive proper training and support throughout their experience. We also coordinate the necessary visas and housing, as well as offer different cultural events and trips.

We make it easy for foreing students to get the work experience and language skills they need to build a career in international business.
"Preparing a new generation for the global economy."
AIA aims to promote the international education of new generations, preparing them with the professional and language skills that are necessary in the increasingly globalized economy.
IntAbroad's mission is to create a rich, cross-cultural professional experience for students of all backgrounds.

IntAbroad strives to create professional and educational programs that prepare students and graduates for promising careers in global business.

More and more employers are requiring real language skills and previous international experience in order to enter certain fields, particularly in international business.

Our program allows students to immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture, and to acquire real fluency in the language while also gaining essential work experience. Participants will also develop their ability to work in both English and Spanish.
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No Time To Waste!